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In the international championship Computer talents
«Golden Bytes 2016" 10 nominations


  • Life Аfter Сhampionship - The Stories of Success ...

  • Intel - Internet of Things ...

  • Registration transferred on 5 November! ...

  • Start of the Championship "Golden Byte-2016" ...

  • Golden Bytes - The Championship That Changes Lives! ...

Life Аfter Сhampionship - The Stories of Success

“LucidCatcaher” - device that controls your dreams

The developers - a team “Luciding”, the guys from this group were met at the “Golden Byte” Championships in 2014. In the same year, the boys become residents of the business incubator WannaBiz, which later brought them investment in the amount of 15 000 $. In May 2015 “Luciding” visited New York and presented his project on the famous event for startups and investors, Tech Crunch Disrupt 2015.


“EnableTalk” - a glove for the deaf, which converts gestures into speech

Winners of the Championship in 2012 - the team “QuadSquad”, the development of which have shocked the world. The American magazine Time, called EnableTalk as one of  the best inventions of 2012.

At the moment, the guys are working on the improvement of the  "talking glove" collaborating with foreign investors and preparing to release the product to masses.


"Looksery" - became a part of the popular mobile app Snapchat and was bought for 150 million dollars.

Team “Looksery” is Golden bytes’ participant (Konstantin Zgurovsky, Bohdan Maksymchuk, Marina Nikolenko). Project “Looksery” became a part of the popular mobile messaging application “Snapchat” and was bought 150 million dollars. Thus, “Looksery” went down in history as the largest Ukrainian exit startups.


“Araned”, 3D-printer for printing real, full-size bones

Developer Andrei Mironov - participant of the International finals of the "Golden Byte-2015."

With this startup Andrew was invited to the conference Thiel Foundation Summit in San Francisco (USA), where he received a grant to develop the project. In addition, the team participated in the start-up conference in Silicon Valley, the project has managed to get  a number of scholarships and awards, including a grant Noosphera Ventures and arrived to  the quarter-finals of the Ericsson competition.

Intel - Internet of Things

We are introducing a new nomination from Intel - Internet of Things (IoT) - a competition for the development of the Internet of things.


Recently, the IT world is developing very actively in this direction. Creation of platforms and devices, which are integrated with each other via the Internet - becomes practically mainstream developers and programmers.


Secure data management, synchronization of data between different kinds of devices, smart kettles, washing machines, toasters, which are able to "adapt" to our habits based on the information received: all this and much more is possible with the implementation of the concept of Internet of things.


Scope of the "smart" things is enormous: automotive, energy, healthcare and industrial systems, retail, smart homes and cities, and much more.


Nomination Internet of Things is supported from Intel.

Registration transferred on 5 November!

The theme of the championship this year  is «Invent Create Change». So, we decided to create something new and changing this world with you! We hasten to inform you that the account will be starting from November 5! But it is not just the date of the start of the championship, but the launch date of the updated website "Golden Byte"!


You will be pleasantly surprised by the new design, corporate identity and functionality of a personal account. Anyway, this year will be a lot of surprises: a renewed jury interesting Hackathon and workshops for all participants. Prepare your projects. We look forward to your ideas!

Start of the Championship "Golden Byte-2016"

Friends, it is happened, November 1, 2015 is a date of opening of a long-awaited registration for participation in the seventh IT championship  "Golden Byte-2016." Subject of the Championship this year - is "Invent. Create. Change".


If you plan to make this world aware about you and prove that your talent is worthy of the highest praise, then it's time to start realizing your project, especially since the start of the Championship just around the corner.


Those participants who, for whatever reason, failed to win the championship last year, but have a desire to take revenge, then we are looking forward to your work.


Dear members, also want to draw your attention to the fact that the 1st qualifying round will last until January 31, 2016.

Golden Bytes - The Championship That Changes Lives!

"Golden Byte" - is not just a championship in which winners get prizes and returning to their usual life, go home. This is an event that completely changes the lives of its participants!


Meeting with new people, opening of the new opportunities and ideas - makes you believe that everything is possible and the main thing is to strive for the goals.


Listen what is writing about the championship Golden Byte in 2014 Maxim Lyashenko on his page in Facebook:


"... Me and my team went to the World Championship of computer talents " Golden Byte ". At the competition, we had the best startup of Kiev. And it was a victory. However, the best achievement in that day was not a victory but communication that we have received. There we’ve met with a very large range of people who have helped me to understand that there is  no one who wanted to hurt me: some will be happy to help me with my questions, because they know that at some point I will be able to help them in difficult situations, some just know nothing about me, and others - just Ukrainians:) ... "


The whole success story of Maxim can be found on his page on Facebook.


Now Maxim continues to work on his project LucidCatcher - program that allows you to control dreams. It seems to be quite a fantastic idea, but guys were able to make it happen and get impressive investments in development.


Recall that members of the team Luciding were met at "Golden Byte" final and have generated the idea of ​​a super device originated there.


So it is important not to win but to participate!


But hitting the "Golden Byte" is opening a lot of new opportunities:


  1. Meeting with foreign participants and their ideas, 
  2. The ability to assess yourself and your project
  3. Get impressive investment for the project development
  4. Start a successful IT career
  5. To present your project to the representatives of the largest IT companies
  6. Significantly increase their knowledge and skills in IT
  7. The prize fund - 500 000 UAH.


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