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Frequently Asked Question
«Golden Bytes 2018"



What is the topic of the championship this year?

The topic of the competitive works of the championship "Golden Byte 2017» is «Invent. Create. Change»

Can I take part in several nominations?

Yes, you can take part in several nominations, but with different projects. The same project file in different nominations is prohibited.

Can I be a member of several teams?

Yes. But in this case, you must be a full-featured member not nominal.

How exactly should the"presentation" of the project for the category "Game design" be held? Is it necessarily have to be a presentation of Powerpoint, or it can be replaced by the text description of the project (possibly with screenshots / videos / art proficiency, etc.)? Perhaps a supplied ready-Demo-version can be used as a presentation? And what should be the size of the presentation?

The presentation may be provided in any convenient format that is able to convey the idea of your project to the judging committee . For example , you can use Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Flash, in the form of a video , etc. The demonstration project is welcomed, but it must necessarily be complemented by the presentation so that the jury could immerse themselves in the subject area of the product. Please note that the demonstration project at the regional final stage is a mandatory part of the presentation. At the national finals, each finalist will be required to hold a demonstration project! The maximum size of the presentation file - 10 Mb for the qualifying competition, and 20 Mb for regional and international finals.

I am a student of 4th year of one of the universities in Ukraine. I have a friend who would like to take part in the nomination of "Web-design". But this year he is a graduate of another university. Can we do a project together?

To take part in the championship can a student of any educational institution with a student ID or record book. Team participation does not involve studying in one university.

I have problems with the registration (or authorization) on the website. Who I can contact for help?

For inquiries relating to the registration, authorization of the participants of the "Golden Byte" championship can contact  the post [email protected]

How to register a team to participate in the nomination?

In order to participate in the team nomination you have to create a team, invite people, after the team will be formed you have to go to the nomination and to add it to the nomination, but the number of team members have not exceed the limit set by the regulations.

Can the team take part in the nominations provided with personal involvement?

No. The team, consisting of 2 or more people can not participate in the nomination, where the limit is one person by the regulations.

Are there any restrictions on the programming language / engine / game designers / API? Are there any restrictions on the gaming platform?

You can use any existing tool that is appropriate for your application. It is important to note that you must have the right to use it. For example, if you use a paid game engine, then you are bound to have his license. The same rule applies to any used resources (images, music, etc). There are also no restrictions on the gaming platform, but probably you will have to provide appropriate device for the demonstration of the project.

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