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A judges of international finals
«Golden Bytes 2018"


Taras Tarasov



Taras Tarasov (iLogos)

Taras is serial entrepreneur and the seed investor with a focus on the global world market. He has an was a thunder and CEO in a number of companies also he has experience in building businesses from the initial lavel to his sale, also he worked in global international companies. Taras is founder and consultant of several international conferences.

Vladislav Kurmaz


Consultant, Engineering

Vladislav Kurmaz (GlobalLogic)

He graduated from Donetsk National Technical University. Over 10 years in the development of video games and industrial 3D. In particular, he worked in positions of Senior Software Engineer in Boolat Games (Games Development), Head of 3D Software Engineering Group in Program-Ace (3D- graphics for business and entertainment products) and Project lead in Leater Navigation (work on avisimulyatorom "Antonov An- 148 "). for now - Consultant Software Engineer at GlobalLogic

Igor Sauron

Game Producer

Igor Sauron ()

Game Designer-Producerю Igor was engaged in the development of the largest titles of the mobile games market, several times projects have been fiddled with  Apple for several years, the total number of users of created products over 100+ million people inhabiting 75 countries around the world.

Michael Zinchenko

Persha Studia |

Operational Producer

Michael Zinchenko (Persha Studia | )

Pavel Mykhailov

Frag Lab

Senior Game Designer

Pavel Mykhailov  ( Frag Lab)

Pavlo Lenets



Pavlo Lenets (Arrible)

Roman Tinkov


Technical Lead

Roman Tinkov (Ubisoft)

Roman has been working in game development industry for more than 12 years. He has worked for Meridian’93 the first game development company in Ukraine. Last 3 years Roman is working for “Ubisoft”. He took part in development next famous AAA projects: Far Cry Primal, Watch Dogs 2 and Far Cry 5.   

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