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In the international championship Computer talents
«Golden Bytes 2018" 10 nominations


Startup Сhallenge

Team participation (1-3 persons)

The competition of software projects

NoSQL Expert

Personal or team participation (1-3 persons)

NoSQL Expert

Mobile Development

Personal or team participation (1-3 persons)

Mobile applications competition

Web project

Personal or team participation (1 - 3 persons)

Web projects competition

Game Design

Team participation (1-3 persons)

The creation of games contest

Character Design

Personal participation (1 person)

Competition of creating game characters

Networking technologies

Personal participation (1 person)

Nomination for system administrators

Short Мovie

Personal or team participation (1 - 2 persons)

Short films ompetition

Junior competition

Competition for children from 10 to 17 years

Microsoft Next in Tech

Team participation (1-3 persons)

Character Design

Personal participation (1 person)

In this nomination the participants are offered to develop and present character design, which is made in three-dimensional graphics technique. Its permissible to use drawings, digital art, vector graphics (including Flash-animation), 3D-modeling and sculpting.

Competition Topic:

The general topic of the “Golden Byte” competition in 2018  was chosen as the «Create the new world» theme.

Important: as the topic of the championship is wide and can be interpreted in different ways, an integral part of the presentation of entries should be the rationale of how the work fits the topic of the championship, and how it unfolds the topic. The inability of participants to prove the conformity of the topic of the contest can be grounds for disqualification.

Two courses of competition:

In the competition «Character design» it can be created various works - made with the help of 3D- graphics.

For the work performed in the technique of 3D-graphics it should be given a large extent on the quality of execution of work, the quality of the ideas through modeling and visualization. Permissible to use a high poly and low-poly models , but they will be judged by one criteria, so in the case of low-poly modeling, you should still take care to achieve quality appearance of character.

As clearly separate and distinguish between the concept ( idea) the character and rendering (computer graphics by any means) is not possible, the work of both types will be assessed on equal terms, and apply the same criteria. The members of the jury can and will evaluate some aspects of the work (the presentation of ideas , visualization), respectively to opportunities which provides the selected by participant way of the job.

Competition stages:

1 round

Qualifying round in which the participants are registered on the site in this category must submit a concept of the future character in the form of presentation. The presentation should contain future character sketches, a brief explanation of the area in which it can be used (game characters, mascot, etc.), as well as the conformity of how this work corresponds to the subject of the competition.

Works will be accepted within the rules of the championship dates for the 1st round in a single presentation, the size of which must not exceed 10 Mb. Teams that were selected in the 1st round would be invited to participate in the regional final.

2 round:

In the regional finals participants present the visualization of prepared character in the form of presentation. Beyond claimed in the first stage, the presentation must contain:

- For 3D-works: the visualization of character model, screenshot of its geometry, samples of textures developed by participants and maps for character visualization. At the 2nd stage of the competition visualization character can be rough, in low quality, but sufficient for the evaluation of the jury.

In the second round, participants should independently make a presentation of the project, necessarily using the presentation or slide show for illustrative purposes only. There are 10 minutes for the presentation without questions of jury.

Competitive works are accepted within the terms of championship regulations for the second round. The winners of the regional finals will be eligible to represent their region in the finals of the international "Golden Byte" competition .

The winners of the regional finals are allowed to modify or change the competitive work after the regional finals to eliminate the problems and bugs, including — accordance to the recommendations of the jury of the regional Finals.

3 round

The winners of the regional Finals will present their work at the final of the competition.

For the work presentation in the final you must prepare a demo video that presents the finished model, which must include:

- For 3D-works: a circular demonstration of the character (circled camera or rotate the model itself) as well as high-quality visualization of character from different angles (permissible to use post-processing).

The final project can and should include all the necessary elements for its demonstration , even if they were not listed in the text. It is acceptable to use animation for 3D- works, the history of the character and settings, visual model of the character - all the participants deem is necessary to show their work in the best possible way.

You can arrange a presentation in creative way, if the parties deem it is possible and desirable.

Please , in complex cases, agree your concept of a presentation with the organizers of the championship, to be sure that the place and conditions of the competition will allow you to implement your plan.

You need to demonstrate to the jury the progress of work on the project, from conceptual design to final form, that can be done in the form of a video or presentation.

Requirements for presented contest works:

The presentation can be presented in the format of Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Flash, or as a video.

The maximum size of the presentation - 40 Mb. In presentation there have to be high quality images and it don't have to contain visible compression or processing artifacts.

Videos are presented in AVI or MP4 formats. Its acceptable to use DivX, XviD, H264 or AVC video codecs. Its permissible to use an MP3 or audio codecs AAC. Movie Frame size should be at least 512x384 and no more than 1920x1080. The proportions of the frame are arbitrary, at the discretion of the authors. Video frame rate should be at least 25 and no more than 30 frames per second (which is strongly recommended to adhere to industry standards). Maximum clip length is 5 minutes. The maximum movie file size - 400 Mb.

Videos and presentations that are not appropriate to these requirements won't be allowed to participate in the contest without extra notice of participants, and participants who provided the works, that are not consistent with the requirements can be disqualified at any stage of the competition.

The final presentation of the work may require the use of additional files (video and audio clips, visual samples, etc.). You need to agree such additional elements with the organizers of the championship in advance to ensure they comply with the format of the competition and the technical capabilities of the planned demonstration.

Grounds for disqualification:

Participants can be disqualified at any stage of the contest without prior notice due to reasons of violation of the rules of the contest and / or forms of submitting the work, including but not limited to the following violations:

- Inconsistency of the contest topic.

- Obviously incorrect interpretation of the topic jobs.

- Failure to comply with the technical parameters of the competition work (format, duration and the size of the video,etc.)

- Submission the works for the contest by the authors that are not the participants

- Plagiarism and borrowing in an amount that is not the quotation and can not be justified by the author's intention.

Evaluation criteria

Accordance to the competition
Character concept
  • How much the movie is accorded to the competition topic.
  • Evaluation of character idea, accordance to declared scetches and the original character concept.
  • Technical aspects of the work. Evaluation of modeling techniques, texturing, rendering model.
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