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In the international championship Computer talents
«Golden Bytes 2018" 10 nominations


Startup Сhallenge

Team participation (1-3 persons)

The competition of software projects

NoSQL Expert

Personal or team participation (1-3 persons)

NoSQL Expert

Mobile Development

Personal or team participation (1-3 persons)

Mobile applications competition

Web project

Personal or team participation (1 - 3 persons)

Web projects competition

Game Design

Team participation (1-3 persons)

The creation of games contest

Character Design

Personal participation (1 person)

Competition of creating game characters

Networking technologies

Personal participation (1 person)

Nomination for system administrators

Short Мovie

Personal or team participation (1 - 2 persons)

Short films ompetition

Junior competition

Competition for children from 10 to 17 years

Microsoft Next in Tech

Team participation (1-3 persons)

Microsoft Next in Tech

MIcrosoft Special Nomination. Winners of the Special Nomination gain the right to get to the regional stage of Imagine Cup and Golden Byte Championship final.


The following projects may participate in the Nomination:


Mixed Reality. Development of Unity augmented and virtual reality applications.

AI. Development of bots using Microsoft Bot Framework. Usage of Microsoft Cognitive Services on Windows apps, bots, Xamarin, mobile apps.

Big Data. Build predictive models based on big data using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning or CNTK, visualization in Microsoft PowerBi. Devices based on Internet of Things (IoT) and big data. Blockchain projects.


Who can participate

Students, masters, PG students of the first year of study can participate. The participants must be aged 16 and above.

Team must have a captain. Mentor (teacher) can take the lead as well. Mentor is not a part of the team and doesn’t influence the number of members in the team.


The additional nomination has separate regulations that differ from the Championship


Stage 1

Register and submit your project at before March 20, 2018. Project requirements:

For online finals, you have to file the following:

Project description, its competitive advantages in order to compete with other students around the world in the online final. This must be a PDF or Microsoft Word document of not more than 10 pages or a PowerPoint presentation of not more than 20 slides.

Presentation video (add a YouTube link to the document or presentation).

All materials must be archived and uploaded to the website.


Stage 2

Imagine Cup 2018 Ukrainian final will take place in Kyiv on 16-17 April 2018.

The following must be prepared:

  1. Software or working prototype that can be tested by the judges.
  2. Software guidelines explaining how to use your software
  3. Oral presentation of the project (not more than 10 minutes).

Each team, after getting through the regional stage, receives tickets to Imagine Cup 2018 nationals. The trip includes transfer of each member of the team to/from the airport closest to them, hotel stay, transport and food during the regional championship. Team mentors do not lay claim to this.

The winning team has the chance to represent Ukraine on the East Europe Nationals, which will take place in Minsk, Belarus in the middle of May 2018. The winning team of the Nationals will go to the Imagine Cup world final in the USA (in summer 2018).


Evaluation criteria

  • Does the project make effective and appropriate use of the major features of its chosen platform(s)? Were there significant platform features or even platforms the project could have benefitted from but failed to utilize? (20 points) Does the project include innovations in technical design and/or implementation? (10 points) Does the project include innovations in user experience? (10 points) Does the project have a professional degree of production in terms of performance, user interface, visuals, and audio? (10 points)
  • Does the project create a new category of product or service? (10 points) Does the project clearly and meaningfully innovate beyond existing products or services? (10 points)
  • Does the project have a clear target market or audience? (5 points) Does the project address a clear need, problem, or opportunity and is the solution clearly explained? (5 points)Is the project’s purpose and basic functionality easily understood? (5 points)
  • Does the team have a credible plan for getting their project to market in terms of business model, any required partnerships, or other factors? (5 points) Does the team have any form of external validation for their project such as customer surveys, focus group tests, an active beta-test program, recommendations from subject-matter experts, or potential investors? (5 points) Does the project have a reasonable chance of success in its appropriate market given the team’s existing plan? (5 points)
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