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In the international championship Computer talents
«Golden Bytes 2018" 10 nominations


Startup Сhallenge

Team participation (1-3 persons)

The competition of software projects

NoSQL Expert

Personal or team participation (1-3 persons)

NoSQL Expert

Mobile Development

Personal or team participation (1-3 persons)

Mobile applications competition

Web project

Personal or team participation (1 - 3 persons)

Web projects competition

Game Design

Team participation (1-3 persons)

The creation of games contest

Character Design

Personal participation (1 person)

Competition of creating game characters

Networking technologies

Personal participation (1 person)

Nomination for system administrators

Short Мovie

Personal or team participation (1 - 2 persons)

Short films ompetition

Junior competition

Competition for children from 10 to 17 years

Microsoft Next in Tech

Team participation (1-3 persons)

Startup Сhallenge

Team participation (1-3 people)

The start-up projects competition. In the competition, you are required to present a software project. Application topic must reflect the theme of the championship "Golden Byte 2018: ""Create the new world"". A software project can be new or already existing for some time. It is important to note that games are not eligible to participate in the "Startup Сhallenge" competition. For them, there is a separate "Game design" competition. One project may be challenged only in one contest, which means, if your team has submitted to the "Mobile development" nomination, then it has no right to submit it in other nomination, such as "Startup challenge". However, the team can participate in different nominations with other projects.

During the realization of the project, you can use any existing tool that suits your goals. For example: C #, C + +, Java, etc. We strongly encourage the use of mobile and other devices necessary for the operation of the project.

It is important to note that you must have the right to use tools. For example, if you use a paid game engine, then you are bound to have its license. The same rule applies to any used resources (images, music, etc.).

It is a competition of innovative projects for the development of Internet of Things. Concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is close integration of the real and virtual worlds, which create communication between people and devices through the Internet.

Theme of the project should comply to the championship "Golden Byte-2018" theme - «Create the new world ".

Projects that have won or won prizes in national championships finals the previous "Golden Byte" are not allowed to participate in the "Golden Byte 2018."

The competition consists of three rounds:

Round 1 - Qualifying

Team and participants registration. To participate you need to register, create a team, and if its necessary, add other participants to the team. You need to download a brief description of the project (name, goals, short description, essence of the project, the used technologies) on the server. The deadline for delivery of the project to participate in the first round – 20.03.2018. The team will go into the second stage, if the jury finds the presented  project quite an interesting and satisfying all technical requirements. The results of the first round will be announced before 28.03.2018.

Round 2 - Regional Finals

Performance of the team with the presentation of the project. Detailed description of the problem and its solutions with the project. A full description of the project and technologies that were used for its realization. Regional Finals will be held in the middle of March. The demonstration of the project is a mandatory part of the presentation. The team that won the first place in the second round will be awarded prizes and pass to the third round. 

Round 3 - International final

The final presentation of the project. Detailed description of the problem and the method of its solution. Description of the details of the project and the technologies used to implement it. The demonstration of the project is a mandatory part of the presentation. The international Finals will be held on May  in Kiev.

Evaluation criteria

Technical implementation
Functional completeness
  • How creative and technically unique is the implementation of the project. Are the unique ideas, technologies and approaches used to solve the problems. Are you able to solve any problem in a new, more efficient way.
  • Influence, business component, the social focus of the project. Which aspects of the world the application affects? How big is the potential audience for your application? How strong the application can affect the users of the project? Does the application have a sustainable business model? Does the project have the social orientation that solves critical problems society faces(for example, people with reduced mobility problem, environmental issues, etc.)
  • How technically correct the project is implemented. Are the technologies used in the project optimal in terms of performance, reliability and future development of the project.
  • How well the project is ready for deployment. Were the possibilities of the project, indicating its readiness demonstrated?
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