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Provide an opportunity for talented people
demonstrate their abilities in field of IT-technology, design AND COMMUNICATIONS


International IT talents Championship "Golden Byte" was founded by STEP Computer Academy in 2008. The competition is aimed at the young, progressive generation that is desperate to realize their potential in the IT, design and communications industry.

The project topic for “Golden Byte 2018” Championship is «Create the new world».

Aims of the championship are to:

- provide an opportunity for young talents to demonstrate their skills in the IT, design and communications industry;

- encourage young professionals to bring new business ideas to life;

- provide real support for creative young people;

- draw the attention of our new generation to social issues and get the opportunity to influence their decision;

- enhance the prestige of intellectual activity in society;

- develop the popularity of IT technologies among the publicity;

- inspire young professionals who are willing to develop and create new interesting projects.


Participants of the International computer talents Championship "Golden Byte 2018" are young people who study Computer Science, want to build a successful career in the IT industry, create their startups, those who are intelligent and imaginative people who wish to develop their skills within the existing nominations.


The Championship includes both single and team participation in certain categories.


The participants of the championship are the users who have registered and fulfilled the conditions of the first stage of the championship from the 15st of November 2017 to the 15 of March 2018.

There are 9 nominations in the International computer talents Championship “Golden Byte”:

«Startup challenge»

individual / team participation ( 1-3 people).

The competition of software projects.

«Networking technology»

individual participation .

Nomination for system administrators.

«Mobile development»

individual / team participation ( 1-3 people ).

 Mobile applications competition.

«Game design»

individual / team participation ( 1-3 people ).

The creation of games contest.

«Character design»

individual participation.
Competition of game characters creating.

«Web Project»

individual / team participation ( 1-3 people)

Web- projects competition.

«Short movie»

individual / team participation ( 1-2 people)

Short films Competition.

«Junior competition»

individual / team participation

Competition for children from 10 to 17 years.

«NoSQL Expert» 

individual / team participation ( 1-3 people)


The championship is held in 3 stages:

Stage 1: 

Representatives of Ukraine, Belarus , Kazakhstan,Slovkia, Georgia, etc are able to participate.

To participate in the Championship you have to pass registration and carry out the task of the 1st stage from the 15th of November, 2017 to the 20th of March, 2018 at the special Internet portal The competition is held remotely in on-line mode. The participants age, occupation and place of residence are not important. The most important is to be a student (students of any educational institutions, with a student ID or a student's record book can take part in the championship. Besides, a graduate of any educational institution, whose graduation date does not exceed 1 year can participate too). 

The results of the first stage will be issued until 30 of March at the special Internet portal

The best contestants will receive a special invitation to participate in the 2nd round of the international championship "Golden Byte 2018", which will be held from 25th of March till 20th of May. 

Stage 2:

Semi-finals will be held in 15 cities of Ukraine : Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Kharkiv, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Nikolaev, Poltava, Rivne, Mariupol, Lutsk, , Chernigiv etc in the middle of March.

In the neighbouring countries Semi-finals will be held in the cities of Minsk (Belarus), Astana (Kazakhstan), in other countries - host cities of  semifinalists need to be clarified.

At this stage those contestants take part who passed the 1st stage.

The results of the 2nd stage will be published at the special Internet portal

The winners will be eligible to represent their region or country at the International Finals "Golden Byte 2018".

3rd stage: Finals (International - Kiev)

Final will be held on 19th - 20th of May in Kiev (Ukraine).

Conditions of team selections to the International competition “Golden Byte” Finals:

In the International Finals in each category compete from 14 to 25 teams at the discretion of the organizing committee.

The teams that placed the 1st place in the semi-finals will be eligible to participate in the International Final.

If the team that took the 1st place in the semi-final  can not participate in the International Final for some reason, the team that took the 2nd place can take part instead of it in the same city or country, if the team that took the 2nd place can't do this, this right is given to the 3rd place and so on.

If in some cities / countries and in some nominations  the competition was not carried out due to the lack of participants, the participants from other regions of Ukraine or countries can take this chance.

After the Semi-finals the regional committees are eligible to apply for participation in the International Finals teams (the contestants), who took the 2nd or the 3rd place in the regional final. It makes sense to do if the projects submitted by such teams are competitive enough. The decision on the participation of these teams (the contestants) will take the heads of the directions of the organizing committee, which includes one or another nominations.

Each region / country , representing their team at the International Finals, guarantee the high quality of the submitted projects and the high level of the contestants. If the team (member ) that took the 1st place in one of the nominations, presented a weak draft, the regional committee can give the place in the International Finals to other regions.

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